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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Glad You Forgot

By Robert Rhoades

One day when I was only about 11 years old, my daddy had been drinking. It didn't take too many beers to light his bulb. But he made a comment that instilled fear in me for years. He said, "Boy ... when you turn 16 I'm going to take on you and your two brothers and I'm going whoop the tar out of all three of you!"

I didn't realize at the time that it was the alcohol doing most of the talking, but I started dreading my sixteenth birthday from that moment on. Years later, about twenty years later, I told daddy how I had feared turning sixteen and why. He looked at me with a puzzled look and told me, "I never said no such thing!"

All I could say was, "I was so glad you forgot."


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