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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Poem To My Mother

Poem for Edna Mary Blackstone Rhoades 1921 to 2008
by Eddie Rhoades

I’m so sad now that you’re gone
cause you’ve always been such fun
Who’s going to call me at odd hours?
Who’s going to mail me gum?
We’ll no longer go out to eat.
that was always such a treat:
“The coffee’s too cold, I’m sorry, I’m old
I can’t help it you know, if I eat so slow
Take this water back
and bring me some with no ice
Plus a glass with with a stem
would really be nice”
“I’ll tell you a story again and again
from the middle to the middle,
with no beginning and no end”
And now that you’re gone
I have no place to go
to see someone
who always loved me so
and when I talk to a sister or a brother,
who are we going to talk about
if not our mother?
Who else collects, bells that don’t ring
cardboard boxes, full of all sorts of things
like dolls with no heads
and rusty old stuff
that doesn’t even work,
but it’s good enough
to keep and to save, cause someone might use it
but now that you’re gone, we’ll manage to lose it
That’s my Mema, different from all others
and no matter what, you were still our mother