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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Peeling And All

My daddy said his daddy, who we called Poppa, and his sister, aunt Mae, would eat peanuts hull and all. They said they were not talking about boiled peanuts,that eating raw peanut hulls would prevent ulcers. He also said his daddy would eat oranges peeling and all. Back during the depression my dad and a couple of other boys stole a box of oranges off a delivery truck. They divided them up and took them home. When dad got home with his sack of oranges his dad was sitting in front of the fireplace drunk. He said "What you got there Bud?"
A sack of oranges.
Oranges? What's that?
It's a fruit dad, you eat it.
Well give me one.
Bill tossed him an orange and his dad bit into it like you would an apple.
Juice ran down his mouth and chin and dripped off his arm and got all over his shirt but he just kept on eating.
When Bill told this story to his children he said a truck went over the railroad tracks and a crate of oranges bounced off.
After dad passed away his younger brother Jack said the truth was they pulled the crate off a truck.